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Electricity pylons

Electricity pylons

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Electricity pylons are independent structures for the energy industry. 




Electricity pylons are independent structures, usually truss structures. They are specifically designed so that in terms of electric insulation and mechanical strength they are perfectly suited for conducting high voltage lines.

An electricity pylon is a structure consisting typically of hot rolled steel bevels and gusset plates. The pylons are produced by the prefabrication of elements on specially adapted machines. After that the pylons are hot-dip galvanized, optionally painted, and supplied to the appropriate construction site. The pylons can then be assembled in the correct order on the prepared mounting positions.

In the case of the modernization of HV lines or replacement of electrical cables, there are often mounted reinforcements for pylons, and sometimes the entire structure is raised.


We produce structures for various power engineering objects, e.g.:

  • electricity pylons for L110/220/400kV
  • supporting structures for measurement and control equipment
  • linear gates


We use the most modern machinery, our welding and painting stations are largely automated.

We always protect structures against corrosion according to the customer’s request. We can do it by hot-dip galvanizing according to PN-EN 1461 or in the Duplex system, ensuring the highest quality of protection and resistance to corrosion.

We have a license agreement with Energoprojekt Kraków to produce the latest generation truss pylons of the series EB24, EBW24 and EOW24.

We perform all contracts comprehensively. We analyse and verify the project, we produce, we protect products against corrosion and supply them to construction site.

Electricity pylons
Electricity pylons

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