Design, manufacture and installation of industrial internal and external access staircases. Made of lightweight steel, our industrial stairs provide safe convenient access to levels or across landings.

We design and produce lightweight steel staircases and structures that are developed to provide secure, convenient passage to other access levels or platforms, or across landings where there may be equipment or machinery. All of our structures are individually designed for use in environments such as industrial premises, production facilities and storage halls, as well as other related buildings.

We offer many different variants of staircases and stair structure. These are principally made of S235/S355 steel which is then protected against corrosion through hot dip galvanization. Our industrial stair components (e.g. handrails, supporting frames, balustrades) can be coated using any of the following methods:

  • sprayed with wet paint
  • dry painted using powder paints
  • Duplex corrosion protection
  • we can also provide protection with fireproof paints if required – these will
    provide the structure with greater fire-resistance

Our industrial stairs can also be made of stainless steel (for example, when used in the food industry) or aluminum (which has a much lighter construction). They can be configured and built using standard catalog elements (i.e. supporting frames, steps, railings) or alternatively can be individually designed, manufactured and assembled at the target site, it’s all dependent on what you require and what you will be using the stairs for.

Our highly-skilled and experienced team have worked on many impressive and highly complex constructions throughout Europe and will bring all their experience and know-how to ensure you get the most suitable industrial stairs for your project.


Below you will find in-depth information on the various types of industrial stairs that we offer:

Industrial stairs TECHNICAL STAIRS

Used in factories, production halls and warehouses. High quality materials and have an individually-prepared design that ensures our steel stairs always meet applicable safety criterion.

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Industrial stairs EMERGENCY STAIRS

Used as an escape route in case of an emergency, both in public utility buildings and multi-family housing. Emergency stairs are characterized by low weight, small assembly area and their high resistance to heavy loads and crowd pressure.


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Industrial stairsSPIRAL STAIRS

Our spiral (helical) stairs are recommended not only for industrial, public utility and
multi-family buildings, but also for other projects using original architectural and
design solutions.

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Industrial stairsTECHNICAL LADDERS

Our technical ladders are welded or bolted lightweight structures made of
structural steel and stainless steel. They are both easy to assemble and
highly-resistant to damage.

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Industrial stairsSTEEL PLATFORMS

Steel platforms (also known as steel landing) are used in steel stair constructions, usually in the form of a plate that constitutes a beginning or end to a flight of stairs in a one-storey building, or as an element connecting two points in multi-storey buildings.

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Industrial stairsSTEEL STAIRCASES

Steel staircases and ramps are an essential element of all types of buildings (with the exclusion of one-storey buildings).

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Industrial stairsSTAIR STEPS

Our stair steps are  characterized by their qualities of safety and durability, their ease of installation and the performance quality of the final product.

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Our railings and guardrails are made in accordance with all industry standards and regulations.

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Industrial stairsSTEEL STAIRS – other

We produce both internal and external steel stairs for industrial buildings, and stairs for specific use in public places.



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