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temporary access system

TAS (or Temporary Access Solution to give it its full name) is a secure and easy-to-install modular temporary staircase and duckboard solution. Due to their modular structure and universal usability, our temporary access stairs can be used for a broad range of applications. In particular they are ideal for providing safe and efficient temporary access across a walkway or between levels on a construction site, and they make a perfect alternative to the more commonly-used, temporary wooden structures.

Advantages of TAS stairs:

  • Quick-to-assemble, easy-to-use
  • Secure and universal
  • Wide range of possible gradients of the horizontal axis: between 0° and 50°
  • Simple, reliable structure
  • Modular – available in modules between 3 and 18 steps with a single flight of stairs
  • Possible to combine single duckboards (e.g. 18+18 steps, 15+21 steps)
  • Possible to mount railings on one or both sides
  • Automatic steps leveling
  • Portable – its possible to change the place of use on the site by means of a crane

In the construction industry it is often necessary to provide access between different floors on which works are being carried out, search as on several floors of buildings, excavations, slopes, embankments, and so on. To meet this need we designed our safe and versatile temporary stairs and staircases. The stairs may be set against a floor at an angle between 0° to 50°, allowing the user to adapt them to their particular terrain.
Our temporary staircases are constructed to meet the requirements for a bearing capacity of class 1 (1 kN per 200mm x 200mm surface).
TLC stairs and temporary staircases are suitable for unassisted assembly using a crane, and may be configured up to a height of 8.5 m. The correct seating and anchoring of the temporary staircase and stairs will ensure for the safe and comfortable carrying of power tools, small equipment and construction materials.

Our temporary stairs are available to buy directly from us and, due to their modular nature, can be provided exactly as to your requirements.

See our new movie about the TAS system Temporary stairs and staircases

Temporary Access System Uses

modular temporary staircase


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