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SMART temporary fences are intended to limit the access of unapproved people to a site, as well as reduce the harmful effects of construction or renovation work on the area surrounding the site. Our SMART fences are composed of secure solid steel-framed hoarding panels, hence why they are so effective at stopping access and environmental material.

Fully closed SMART / SMART LIGHT system

  • Creates separation around a construction site
  • Limits visibility; determines the area of construction works
  • Protects against noise and dust
  • Wind resistant
  • Provides safety for people who are near site
  • Panels can be painted in any RAL color

The essential component of the SMART system is a hoarding fence panel,
composed of a solid steel frame filled with a trapezoidal sheet. At the base level, the frame is galvanized, and the metal fence panels can either be galvanized or painted. The fence is finished off with a wide variety of mounting devices that ensure the fences can be installed on a broad range of surfaces.

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SMART Hoarding Fences are recommended in tough terrains where the fencing can be liable to impact or overturning. They are composed of steel panels that are quick and easy to install. Yet, they are also extremely durable, receiving a positive report from Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining in regards to their strength.

Closed smart system

Portable SMART LIGHT Hoarding Fences

This is the lighter, more portable version of our SMART system, utilizing lighter frame profiles. This allows for the whole construction to be lighter, making assembly and disassembly even simpler too. The light frames are filled with T18 trapezoidal sheets complete with anti-corrosion protection, due to hot-dip galvanisation and/or powder paint. We offer foot, clamp, support and anchor accessories with all of our fencing. Portable SMART LIGHT Hoarding Fences offer easy storage, transport and assembly.

Closed smart system

Basic color versions / finishes

Temporary fencing SMART color version
Temporary fencing SMART color version
Temporary fencing SMART color version
Temporary fencing SMART color version


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