Żywiec is a Polish town some 175km to the west from our production plant. It’s a city known for its tourism and mountain landscapes as well as being a centre for culture and folklore. Every year, this city is visited by many tourists, as well as dozens of Polish and foreign music groups.

It’s in Żywiec where you will find the Żywiec Brewery, which was founded by the Habsburgs in 1856, and where we recently installed a solid, spiral stairs.

The Żywiec Brewery has been rebuilt several times, expanded and modernized, and there are still changes being made. It was therefore essential to design a functional, light and weather-resistant technical stairs for their newly-built technological building.

During the production of our spiral stairs, we use hot-dip galvanizing according to EN ISO 1461 (DIN 50976) for anti-corrosion protection. This ensures excellent resistance to difficult weather conditions and high durability of the product. Another advantage of our spiral stairs is their space saving quality which is crucial for technical buildings such as that at Żywiec’s brewery. The close-to-15m construction will be used as an access stairs to the first floor and the roof of the building.

Our products are delivered to projects across Europe. You can see images of our spiral stairs for the Żywiec Brewery below: