TLC Supports Budimex S.A. in Realisation of Largest Cultural Project in Poland – the Polish History Museum

Project: Polish History Museum

Investor: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Location: Cytadela, Warsaw, Poland

General contractor: Budimex S.A.

TLC Group product: SMART Temporary FencesEdge Protection System, TAS Stairs and Staircases

Scope of work: Rental, delivery, assembly.

Start date: 18th July 2018

End date: 2021

The Polish History Museum was founded on 2nd May 2006 as an exhibition space and a place for the education and promotion of Polish history. From the beginning the intention was for the Museum to move from its temporary exhibition space to a permanent home. That project got the green light in 2009 when an architectural design was chosen, though it would not be until July 2018 that the development began.

The Polish History Museum residence is being built in the Cytadela Warszawska area of Warsaw, the so-called Park Niepodległości. The building will have 44 thousand square meters, which in addition to the exhibition spaces will include a cinema, a recreation area and a concert hall for over 600 people. The Museum will be located next to the X Pavilion Museum, the Katyń Museum, and the Polish Army Museum, ensuring that it is at the centre of a cultural hub.

According to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Museum is one of the key goals to be achieved by his Ministry. He claims that this Museum is something that the Poles have been waiting for for years, and it is the duty of his ministry to get the Museum into service as soon as possible.

The general contractor of the Polish History Museum is our business partner, Budimex S.A., who ordered a set of products from TLC Group, including SMART Temporary Fences, Edge Protection Systems and TAS Stairs and Staircases, to ensure safety at the construction site during the development, which is expected to finish in 2021.