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Steel stairs

In addition to our standard steel stairs we offer steel stairs for other purposes, including industrial facilities and production halls, and multi- and single-family housing. As always, these steel stairs are used to allow traffic to pass between different levels, allowing users to reach higher levels.

The stairs that we offer can be divided into these broad categories:

  • Internal stairs (indoors)
  • External stairs (outdoors)
  • Terrain stairs (separate structure)

We can also classify stairs according to their predestination:

  • Main stairs
  • Basement stairs
  • Emergency stairs
  • Technical stairs (providing access to devices and machines)



Our internal and external steel stairs can be divided into two main groups:

  • Technical stairs for industry
  • Stairs for public utility buildings

Modular construction of steel stairs allows for them to be assembled quickly and easily, without suffering any loss in durability or dependability.

Our steel stairs are made according to the relevant standards in the destination country of the project, ensuring that they will meet all the needs and requirements of the customer, as well as being safe and reliable. In addition, our stairs are durable and lightweight, making assembly and disassembly fast and effortless.

Options for corrosion protection are dependent on the destination of the stairs. Hot dip galvanization according to the EN ISO 1461 (DIN 50976) standard, spray painting or powder coating using RAL or NCS colors can all be used to ensure resistance to high corrosion.

As an international manufacturer and a trusted supplier of steel stairs, we put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our products are always of the highest quality and durability. We have spent many years of research and development developing innovative methods which have since become standard in the steel industry.

Although we are always happy to work with unusual materials on innovative projects, we are also very happy to recommend the use of standard materials as these can help reduce costs and project times considerably.

As TLC, we offer projects that are made of unusual materials and solutions, yet we recommend projects that require standard materials as they significantly decrease costs and realization time.

Steel stairs



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