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If you are looking for a highly-portable fencing system where there is no need for restricting visibility of the construction site, then our MOBILT mesh fencing system may be what you need. Developed through years of experience and in-house research and development, our MOBILT Fencing is known for its strength, resistance to corrosion and its low weight profile.
Each MOBILT temporary fence unit is made up of a transparent panel built from a solid steel frame which is then filled with a mesh of welded wires. A wide range of mounting accessories, allowing for installation in all terrains, completes the solution. MOBIL fencing can even be used in locations where interference with the ground is not recommended or permitted. This is why so many of our customers prefer them as their portable fencing solution.
Note for previous clients: MOBILT mesh fencing is the new, improved version of our earlier AŻUR fences.

Main characteristics of MOBILT fencing:

  • Lightweight design, allowing for easy installation and storage
  • Low cost, as a result of our highly-optimized production process
  • Produced by an experienced team in accordance with all applicable standards
  • Carefully-selected welding parameters to guarantee durability and resistance in
    all weather conditions
  • Three types of fencing, allowing you to choose the most suitable panels for your particular needs
  • A wide range of accessories, allows for installation even in difficult terrain



MOBILT RC CB Mesh Fencing

MOBILT RC CB is a mesh fence panel with round upper corners and reinforced lower corners with brackets to strengthen the structure. The basic part of the frame is made of a bent pipe, instead of welding. Combined with corner reinforcement, this MOBILT fence is currently the strongest variant available. Designed for exploitation and long-term usage. Maximum durability in any conditions.


MOBILT RC Mesh Fencing

MOBILT RC mobile fences are a mesh panels with round upper corners and filled with steel mesh wire. The frame is made of bent, instead of welded, pipe which ensures stiffness and durability of the entire construction. The fence is designed for difficult exploitation conditions. Mobilt RC mesh panels are perfect for long-term investments to protect the construction area from trespassing.


MOBILT CB Mesh Fencing

This is a good alternative to MOBILT S fencing, as it also allows for high durability due to its corner brackets. These increase the overall stiffness of the fencing, guaranteeing corner stability in all conditions. MOBILT CB fencing is known for its high durability in harsh construction site conditions. This is due to the rigid and proper connection of the panel elements due to the corner brackets being welded to the frame.


MOBILT H Mesh Fencing

If you need more mobility and lightness, then MOBILT H fencing is another good solution. These are lower in height, which makes them easier to store and more portable. They are a great solution for renovations or road works, and any projects that need to be completed soon.


MOBILT S Mesh Fencing

This particular fencing system has been adapted for intense use with frequent disassembly and reassembly. It consists of a reinforced mesh fence with an additional horizontal bar to improve the durability of the fencing panel. The horizontal bar increases the panel stiffness, which is extremely important in areas where the terrain is difficult owing to the extra resistance of the panel. MOBILT S Mesh Fencing has the highest durability of all barrier mesh panels in our entire MOBILT system.


MOBILT Mesh Fencing

The basic version of our MOBILT Mesh Fencing, one of our most popular portable fencing systems. Our MOBILT fencing is used widely in road repairs and industrial areas.

Openwork temporary fencing

Why Choose MOBILT Mesh Fencing?

Put simply, MOBILT mesh fencing is a high-quality product for a simple solution, allowing quick and easy assembly and disassembly, and portability. Due to the ease of assembly, they do not require the assistance of any highly-qualified personnel.
They are universal, portable mesh fencing units with the simple function of limiting access for unauthorized personally. They are best suited for open terrain or on construction sites and other locations, where they can be used to separate constructions areas from the environment.
MOBILE temporary mesh fencing is also extremely functional – each panel can also be easily used as a gate, with the addition of a specially prepared hinge and wheel.
Our MOBILT panels can be combined with our other panel solutions. For instance, they can be combined with SMART hoarding fences.

Our MOBILT temporary mesh fences and panels are all available for purchase.


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