TLC Provides MOBILT Temporary Fences for Modern Traction Substation in Poland

Investment: Construction of 400/110 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń substation with implementation of Żarnowiec – Gdańsk Błonia high-voltage line.
 Pomerania Voivodeship
 Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (Polish Power Engineering Group)
General contractor:
 Pinggao Group Co. Ltd
TLC Group products: MOBILT Mesh Temporary Fencing
Scope of work: Rental, delivery, assembly
Beginning date: Q4 2017
End date: Q4 2020

Polish engineering company Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne are currently in the process of equipping the Gdańsk Przyjaźń traction substation in Poland two high-voltage lines.

Pinggao, the general contractor, are continuing the electric, telecommunication and road works, while also assembling external lighting and a monitor surveillance system. To ensure the safety of the construction area, TLC have delivered over 1,000m of MOBILT temporary mesh fences for the project.

The plot of land that had been destined for the station is located away from municipal infrastructure, providing the opportunity for the station to later expand, with new switch houses of 400 and 110 kV.

The construction of the Gdańsk Przyjaźń traction substation is part of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.\’s bigger plans, which are being realised in conjunction with those of the Polish government’s electricity policy, who are aiming to build 3,500 km of high-voltage lines and 12 electrical stations.