TLC Providing SMART Hoarding Fences for Construction of Modern CMN Hospital in Gdańsk

Project: Non-invasive Medicine Centre
Location: Gdańsk, Poland
General Contractor: ERBUD S.A.
TLC Group product: Temporary SMART Fences
TLC Group’s role: Rental, Sale
Beginning date: Q1 2019
End date: Q4 2020

The 2nd stage of construction works are now under way at the MUG Non-invasive Medicine Centre in Gdańsk. The new hospital will be twice as big as the previous Invasive Medicine Centre. It will be a 7-storey high building, reaching out over 76,000 sq m, and will hold 688 beds in total.

The first phase (which began in May 2016) of the two stage project, the biggest investment conducted by the Medical University in Gdańsk, officially finished on August 31st. The scope of work for the 2nd phase includes new buildings, e.g. cardiology, endocrinology and nephrology clinics. There will also be an Intensive Care Unit with 10 beds, a second radiology unit and 3 USG offices.

The hospital has been designed according to the highest standards. There will be spacious wards with bathrooms, restaurants and service points, which will significantly increase treatment conditions. The entire project will cost approximately 600 mil PLN.

In cooperation with ERBUD S.A., TLC are part of this impressive project which includes the use of our extremely durable SMART hoarding fences.

The project is planned to be finished in Q4 2020.