TLC Supports Budimex Project at Warsaw Chopin Airport

Investment: Construction of rapid-exit taxiway from DS.-1 runway 
Fryderyk Chopin Airport in Warsaw, Poland
Investor:  “Polish Airports” State Enterprise
General contractor:
TLC Group product: MOBILT Temporary Fences
Scope of work: Rental, assembly
Beginning date: 2019
End date: June 2019

The history of Warsaw’s airport dates back to 1934, when the Mokotów airfield was liquidated and all passenger traffic was moved to a new airport, Okęcie. Duing World War II the airfield was demolished twice – first in 1939 by the Luftwaffe forces, and then in 1945 by the Wehrmacht to make it useless for the advancing Red Army forces. Later that year, the airport was rebuilt and once again was able to invite new passengers. In 2001 the Warszawa- Okęcie airport was given the name of Poland’s greatest composer, Fryderyk Chopin.

Warsaw Chopin Airport is nowadays the biggest airport in Poland, occupying an area of 800 hectares and serving around 600 flights a day. In 2017 the airport was responsible for nearly 40% of the total number of flights in Poland.

Budimex, responsible for the construction of a rapid-exit taxiway on the DS.-1 runway, once again asked for us to be a part of their project. This time we have delivered over 4.5 km of MOBILT temporary fencing which has been adjusted to the newest regulations imposed by the Ministry of Infrastructure on August 13th 2018. The fences are being used to fence off the area destined for the rapid-exit taxiway.